July 11th, 2015

Oscar Schmidt Guitar

Life without music is boring for me. I really love singing and play a guitar during my free time. Since I was in high school I learned to play a guitar with the help of our music instructor. My brothers and sisters can play guitars too. I like to play oscar schmidt guitar while my other friends will play the piano, trumpet and other music instruments. It’s a part of my life now and I enjoy it.

July 7th, 2015

Marigold Flowers

Marigolds prefer a warm, sunny location and well-drained soil. They easily bloom during summer and last until fall. There are many different colors of marigold like yellow, orange and white. Marigolds can be propagated by seeds. This is one of my favorite flowers when I was in grade school. It will grow up fast and bloom so beautiful.

May 8th, 2015

Monster Stereo Cable

I am watching a favorite group of singers last weekend together with some of my friends at work. My eyes are roaming around and I saw some kind of monster stereo cablethat made of high quality and durable materials. It looks wonderful and good quality. My friends also admire the stuff. I think it is a good choice to have such kind of musical product this time.

May 6th, 2015

I Miss This Greenwich Pizza

It still fresh in my mine when I was in the Philippines during payday we went to NCCC Mall one of the biggest mall in our place. We went shopping buying everything needed for a month. We don’t forget also to pass by in the Greenwich and buy my son’s favorite the original Greenwich special pizza with buko shake pandan flavor. We usually ordered a family size pizza. Me and my husband shared the half and the rest is for our son jayjay.

For your eyes only

May 2nd, 2015

Eli’s Western Wear in Florida

Life is more wonderful if you put colors on it. We need to enjoy and have fun during our free time. Be happy always. It is important to work hard to earn money and support the needs of our family. But we need also to explore and do the things that can makes us happy. Like me, I love riding the house and taking care of them. I love them so much. I bought a lot of stuffs to make them healthy and active all the time. I make sure everything is good especially this warm weather. For me, Eli’s Western Wear in Florida is the best when it comes to cowboy boots, western shirts, cowboy hats tack and many others. They offer affordable prices and I’m sure you gonna like it too. It is guaranteed the best quality, durable and free shipping if you order more than one hundred. You can enjoy with your favorite cow and make them comfortable as well.

April 21st, 2015

Homework Helper

According to my nephew, there are sites that will allows you to get your homework done in no time. By simply uploading your homework in their site or after submitting an email to a tutor, you will receive a response within 48 hours which includes the answers to your questions. This is a free homework help site which is very convenient and easy to use. They also offer math homework helper that is very ideal for a “Math Major” student like him.

But always remember that the site was made to help you out in your homework if ever you are experiencing some difficulties in solving problems or answering some tough questions. We should not make it as a habit and don’t barely rely on it and always remember that you have to learn those lessons all by yourself. However, it’s nice to think that through this site, homework is just one click away!

January 18th, 2015

All Red Insurance

We have to accept the reality that all of us will rest in peace. Only God knows when He wants us to stay with Him in heaven. The best thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves. Not only for the old people but also to the young ones. There are many different kinds of insurances that we can choose from http://www.allredinsurance.com/. If you have a good plan, you will not worried about your family’s future. Everything is covered and your family can relax. So, make sure you get a good plan and to your family as well.

January 1st, 2015

My Nephew

Currently my nephew is taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring Mathematics. It is quite stressing in his part knowing that he is a working student. He go to school every morning and go to work every night. He find it so hard to balance everything and he just can’t manage both of his work and studies at the same time. Sometimes, he realized that he should give up his work but if he give up his job, his budget for his daily school expenses will be very much affected.

I remember he told me that there are instances that he failed to finish his homework because he had to do a lot of things for his job. As a result, his grades became unsatisfying. That’s why he is very thankful that there’s a site that will help a working student like my nephew to deal with those heavy homework without taking much of my time.

October 16th, 2014


My brother and his co-worker were asked by their band mates to buy additional musical instruments here. They need to shop it fast because they will have a concert at the hanlon hall this coming Sunday night. They are an active band members here in the city for more than ten years. I am so proud of their group. They have a fantastic performance. They can perform well on the stage and got a lot of fans already.

October 15th, 2014

Shaping Of Life

I’m so lazy today that’s why I open my favorite books and read some inspiring words. I would like to share this wonderful message to all of you. According to Ware in the book, he says ” The shaping of our own life is our own work. It is a thing of beauty or a thing of shame, as we ourselves make it. We lay the corner and add joint to joint, we give the proportion, we set the finish. It maybe a thing of beauty and a joy forever. God forgive us if we pervert our life from putting on its appointed glory”. So, our life depends on how we work for it. I hope you like the message.